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-Our advantage-

1.Powerful and strong technical force

Companies in Hong Kong, based on strong business, with the growing demand for environmental protection Suntop Company at the beginning of the establishment of a foothold with high quality and high level of service.

3.Quality products, support a variety of customization

Guangdong Billiton New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and the Chinese National Academy of Sciences work together, and developed a number of products and patents, further strengthen the domestic market advantages.

2.Delivery Fast, quality assurance

Suntop Company to a wealth of application experience as the foundation, will provide customers with beyond the value of personalized solutions.

4.High-quality after-sales service

Provide a large number of human and material resources to provide customers with professional technical and on-site problem-solving solutions. Systematic teaching and training for enterprises and consumers to provide quality service!

-Corporate Philosophy-

1Enterprise Tenet

People-oriented, quality first

2Quality Policy

Continuous pursuit of excellence quality, continuously improve customer service

3Corporate goals

To create a first-class nano-plating enterprises for the benefit of society

4Mission and Commitment

For surface treatment processors and their products to provide a one-stop solution is the Guangdong still Billiton New Materials Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the mission and commitment

Case Show

Guangdong Shang Tuo new material Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong extension of New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, production and sales of new materials technology company, the main products have nano-spraying materials, nano-plating tools, nano-spraying technology, nano-sprayed spray gun, nano-mirror spray, Dongguan nano-sprayed materials, Guangdong nano-spraying technology, nano- Guangzhou nano-spraying, Beijing nano-color plating, products won the Chinese environmental protection mark, the European Union SGS Environmental Inspection Certification. Nano-plating materials for a variety of materials for new environmental protection materials to fill the national gap and have intellectual property rights. Nano-plating to replace the traditional electroplating, gold paste silver is the need for human survival, scientific and technological development of the inevitable, products are mainly used for a variety of material surface coating. has been a number of well-known domestic enterprises and multinational companies to adopt applications, the market coverage of the world. The company has a group of professional technical personnel and marketing elite team, providing a large number of human and material resources to provide customers with professional technical and on-site problem-solving solutions.

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